Clash of Realities – Cologne July 2021

Clash of Realities is an international research conference providing the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue. Experts from the academy, science and research, economics, politics, and the game industry will discuss pressing questions concerning the artistic design, technological development, and social perception of digital games, as well as the spreading of games literacy. In collaboration … Continue reading Clash of Realities – Cologne July 2021

Panel Discussion – Think Tech – September 2020

I joined a panel discussion around The development of electronic games in the middle east in collaboration with think tech, a Saudi initiative to raise awareness around technology and entrepreneurship in the MEAN region. The Middle East is the fastest-growing gaming market, and the MENA region holds the most active gaming community with a … Continue reading Panel Discussion – Think Tech – September 2020 online gaming conference

Taking part of one of the first dedicated online gaming conferences in the region , organized by community leaders in multiple countries (Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to name a few). I did an Arabic version of my talk on prototyping. You can find the whole thing on this link: