The impact of resident evil 4

The Resident Evil series was always critically and commercially successful. It single handedly defined the survival horror genre, the first 3 sections of the game set the player against pre-rendered back grounds of spooky mansions and cities in zombie chaos, after several spin offs, prequels and side stories creator Shinji Mikami wanted to take the … Continue reading The impact of resident evil 4

Better Living Through Games

In Summer 2009, the UK's Guardian newspaper has a problem: an enormous pile of receipts. British politicians had been caught filing what would total millions of pounds' worth of bogus personal expenses. to try to quell the uproar, the government scanned hundreds of thousands of receipts from members of Parliament and dumped the files online - … Continue reading Better Living Through Games

Space Invaders accidentally invents difficulty curves

When someone says "retro arcade game", there's a pretty good chance that a picture of one of these little blocky aliens pops into your head.  1978's Space invaders was so influential that even Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Nintendo's cornerstone franchises, has pointed to it as the game that "revolutionized the industry".  Like all retro … Continue reading Space Invaders accidentally invents difficulty curves

What’s so cool about casual games anyway?

Angry Birds creator Peter Veserbacka lashed out during the south by¬†south-west¬†interactive conference in Austin last weekend announcing that mobile games are the way to the future and 50$ games are on their way to join the dinosaurs. While this might sound like an overstatement, let's take a brief look at the state of the game … Continue reading What’s so cool about casual games anyway?

On Video Game Censorship

Mortal Kombat has never been a bloodless series, to say the least, but Warner Bros.' appeal on behalf of the gory fighting game won't get it a release in Australia. The game's publisher appealed Australia's Classification Review Board to ask it to reconsider its decision to deny classification for Mortal Kombat, but was rejected -- WBIE says it's "obviously … Continue reading On Video Game Censorship