These are some of the games I worked on over the years. Click on an image for more information about those games also feel free to refer to my LinkedIn profile.

Unreleased games


Lemurian’s main character Urisk was forged by the Lemurian titans using the forbidden art of alchemy; they summoned him as the Supreme Being that will rid the Earth of the evil doings of Paracelsus the god of darkness.

Urisk has the ability to transform himself into any element he encounters on his journey, and uses that to overcome obstacles. he also acquires the physical attributes of the materials he touches that includes mass, shape, weight and temperature. It also affects his behavioral patterns such as his movements speed, jump height and the usage of special skills for each element.

Lemurian is a side scroller with a fresh appeal, using a variety of elements and shapes would provide hours of fun, addictive gameplay as well as mind twisting puzzles to provide the appropriate level of challenge to the player. It is to be released on the PC and XBLA.


CROSSROADS is a futuristic combat simulator with strategic elements. The game allows the player to roam freely in a huge 3D environment while facing obstacles and enemies and dealing with them in relatively intelligent methods. The game enables the player to set the strategy for his/her troops before the level begins, telling them exactly where to go and what to do. 

During the mission, the player can switch control to any ship he/she desires, and can also issue commands to them in real time. The game is set for the PC and Xbox360 consoles and is published by Roudhouse Entertainment was to hit stores by late 2008 if it wasn’t for the global economic crisis.