Mobile Games Forum 2017 – London


I’ve had the honor of taking part of MGF in London this January; I was part of a panel that spoke about the future of mobile games industry as we looked back at the biggest events of 2016 and our outlook towards 2017

Panel: Defining the Future of Mobile Gaming

Questions that were discussed included:

  • Is the current industry landscape here to stay in terms of revenue distribution and market saturation?
  • AR/VR/eSports – are these disruptive technologies and approaches set to be successes or flashes in the pan?
  • As an industry, how do we continue to foster innovation to overcome potential industry stagnation?
  • How do we capitalise on the emerging growing markets across the world?
  • What do we expect to be talking about at MGF London 2018?

Wonderful to take part among a list of esteemed professionals and looking forward to the next event.