Welcome to Tokyo

Game development is one of those careers in which you’d be forever traveling for the job, and believe me I’m not complaining. Having started in my hometown of Amman and through the wonderful world of game development I have traveled the world, most recently I have lived in beautiful New Zealand for over three years where I was the principal game designer in Gameloft NZ, one of the best studios I have worked in and I would miss everyone there dearly.

My favorite travel destination however has always been Japan, I’ve been there multiple times and as a visitor it always blew my mind: the incredible mixture of culture, tradition and modernism is jaw-dropping. I have often wondered what it’s like to live there. So when the opportunity came knocking I wasn’t about to refuse.

Writing this now, I have landed in Tokyo exactly one week ago; during that time short as it may be I have encountered so many incidents, new traditions and wacky interpretations of what used to be mundane everyday things to me that is overwhelming.