MLP updates

Latest project I worked on: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has been a smash hit, it’s been rocking the chart since the day it was released and making headlines across the globe, even locally. My favorite part however is the fan art and forum discussions players have about the game. 

Fans of the series would recognize a pony called Derpy, it is an incidental character that appears in the background of some episodes that the fans decided to make it their mascot and gave it a name. We were instructed not to have it as a playable pony yet make an appearance in the game (without mentioning it’s name either). 
I decided to have it appear randomly in the village for the player to discover, she appears in a box as an homage to the metal gear solid series which I am personally a fan of. 
It’s such a small design thing that I was hoping for whoever to notice to have a small smile. Players apparently got the joke and it’s kind of all over the internet. 
This however was my favorite:
This T shirt is so cool, that I convinced our studio to get the entire team one each! Thanks for designing it and thanks for supporting the game. 
You guys rock xD