Producer University of Copenhagen – workshop – May 2022

I recently had the privilege of hosting an immersive workshop in Copenhagen. The event brought together producers from various backgrounds to delve into the art of creating memorable moments in video games.

In the vibrant gaming community of Copenhagen, I organized a full-day workshop aimed at empowering producers to enhance their game development endeavors. With the common goal of exploring the intricacies of crafting impactful moments in video games, the workshop attracted a diverse group of industry professionals eager to share their insights and learn from one another.

The Workshop:
Throughout the workshop, attendees were given the opportunity to present their pitches and projects, engaging in interactive discussions and receiving constructive feedback. The focal point of the event was to understand the key elements contributing to memorable gaming experiences and how to effectively incorporate them into various genres and gameplay styles.

Discussions and Insights:
The workshop facilitated captivating discussions among the participants, leveraging their collective expertise. We explored various techniques for creating memorable moments, including narrative design, gameplay mechanics, visual aesthetics, and audio immersion. The importance of player agency and emotional engagement were emphasized, as we aimed to elicit strong reactions and leave a lasting impact on players.

Pitches and Projects:
The heart of the workshop revolved around the producers’ pitches and projects. Each attendee had the opportunity to present their ideas and receive feedback in one on one sessions with myself and the team . The focus was not only on highlighting the strengths of the concepts but also on identifying areas for improvement. This process challenged the participants to refine their visions and elevate their projects to new heights.

Hosting the workshop for producers in Copenhagen was an immensely fulfilling experience. Witnessing the exchange of knowledge, lively discussions, and the passion of the participants created an atmosphere of growth within the gaming community.

Note: I used AI to write this post, it’s a little bit over the top, but it helps me capture the event while I’m on the go 🙂