Battlefield 2042 at E3 – June 2021

After years of working on it, it’s been tremendous to be able to talk about the game that I’ve been working on! Battlefield 2042 has finally been announced to the world to acclaim by the community and a very warm reception.

It’s been an absolute privilege to lead one of the best design teams in the world of 80+ highly skilled individuals that have really pushed the envelope of what can be done with the franchise and delivering to the fans what they are expecting and more.

We also showed a lot of gameplay on the Microsoft Xbox stage at E3 this year as well, highlighting that the player can in fact perform all the crazy moves that were shown in the reveal trailer. We will be showing a lot more of the game in our segment of EA play in July (THAT’s NEXT MONTH!)

Battlefield 2042 comes out this year, October 22nd and I can’t wait for players to get their hands on it 🙂