DICE gameblast 21 – Feb 2021

GameBlast is the UK’s biggest annual charity gaming marathon weekend in aid of the gamers charity SpecialEffect and for the second year in a row EA DICE will be participating! 

GB21 Heart Icon.png

SpecialEffect put fun and inclusion into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games. By adapting technology from modified joypads to eye-control, we find a way for people to play to the best of their abilities, bringing families and friends together & having profoundly positive impact on confidence, rehabilitation and quality of life. 

As gamers we all appreciate the work SpecialEffect do to create a space where gaming is available for everyone.

Therefore, on February 26th, 14:00 GMT / 15:00 CET, we hosted a 6 hour long Livestream on Twitch.com/EA_DICE to raise funds for SpecialEffect!

Our own DICE community lead Adam Freeman is back hosting the event – and with him are friends from DICE and EA (including yours truly). But, we are also super happy and excited to have some special guests – and neighbouring developers – joining our stream. Fatshark, Paradox Interactive, and Systemic Reaction are with us to talk about their passion for games and game development as we play a mix of war-ravaged fantasy battles, world building kingdoms, battle mutated monstrosities, and take on battles from past times and in galaxies from far far away!

During our stream we will sit down with founder and creative director of Hazelight, Josef Fares, to talk about their latest game, and we will also meet some of DICE’s own developers to chat about what they love about game making.

We are also thrilled to have a special appearance from SpecialEffect founder, and CEO, Dr Mick who will speak to us about how SpecialEffect came to be, and some of the amazing technologies they work on to continue to change lives. SpecialEffect ambassador Paul Seal will then be joining us to play together with our DICE devs.