Presentation at the Activision Blizzard Summit during GDC18 in San Francisco

Every year during GDC we have a company wide event in which delegates from different parts of the company including Activision studios, Blizzard, Bungie and King take part in a private event in which we get together and discuss what we’re working on, our best practices and lessons learned that we’d like to share with our peers.

This is my second participation and this year I had the task of doing a talk. I came to realize before taking the stage that I’m about to do a presentation to over 200 of the finest designers and producers in the industry and people who have made games that I’ve been enjoying for years. I haven’t been this nervous before doing a talk in a long time.

Luckily, it was really well received and I have gotten encouraging feedback from a lot of the audience during and after the event with people asking for the slides. It was a humbling experience and I’m looking forward to doing it again in the future.

Due to the nature of the slides, I won’t be able to share the contents of it as it deals with how we handle new ideas and pitching within King.