Dubai World Gaming Expo 2015

I just arrived back to Tokyo last night after a phenomenal week at Dubai, where I was a speaker in the Dubai World Gaming Expo, I had two presentations as well as moderated one panel during the event.


I had an absolute great time in  the city catching up with old friends and making new ones, It was really awesome meeting all the other speakers at the event and discuss game development in the region with them.

It was also awesome to see where the region (MENA) has been heading, and those who are working hard day and night to shape it into a legitimate market, and I’m looking forward to those guys making huge successes!


For those who weren’t able to attend or just curious, I’m positing the presentation here, I’ve previously presented Paywall in a similar event in New Zealand but I’m posting it here just the same.

please feel free to contact me should you need to know more about them as well.