NZGDC 2013

On Friday the 28th of June, I had the pleasure of attending New Zealand Game Developers conference as a speaker and panelist. I was surprised to be granted the auditorium for my speech about the future of Freemium games. My talk was titled: “Evolve or Die: Free 2 play is free 2 innovate”

Myself during the Evolve or Die speech 

Many of the talks of the conference (like many others in the past years) involved talking about KPI’s, DAU’s ..etc mostly about how to make money of your app. Being a game designer I wanted to talk about games, mostly how the freemium social games can advance forward into providing meaningful experiences to the player. 

It is to my understanding that all talks were recorded and would be posted online, but until that happens, I will post my presentation here and update you guys with a link to the video when available. 

My second Panel was with 2 other game designers discussing why designers should play games, and how they view games now that they make them full time. My views were mostly based on the talk I gave in the Media design school earlier this year, focusing mostly on analyzing why the developers of the game made a certain design decision and looking beyond the pretty pictures into what’s actually making the game. 

Every decision has a reason behind it, the examples i was giving was the use of the overhead camera in Metal Gear solid to give the player a since of space and awareness and then it switches into a side view camera once the player is stuck to the wall because the player needs to see what’s behind it. It was a nice chat and I had the pleasure of meeting my fellow panelists. 

Alongside fellow panelists in the “Analyze this” discussion of game designers playing games

Overall, thank you for everyone who attended my talks and more so for the people who provided feedback for them, I hope they were beneficial and I’m looking forward to do more in the future. 

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