Talk at Serbian games association – october 2021

Connected with the SGA to do a virtual presentation on my ongoing research topic of creativity, originality and ideation. It was my first time participating with the organizers though i have worked with many of the developers before in Google mentorship events. Looking forward to being there in person next time.

حديث تقني مع فوزي مسمار – August 2021 I recorded a fun coversation and interview in Hadith tech, a pan arab tech initiatve sponsored by Github which can be found entirely on this youtube link (in Arabic language) It was discussing my journey and career in making video games, Where game development in the middle east is at and what game design … Continue reading حديث تقني مع فوزي مسمار – August 2021

Clash of Realities – Cologne July 2021

Clash of Realities is an international research conference providing the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue. Experts from the academy, science and research, economics, politics, and the game industry will discuss pressing questions concerning the artistic design, technological development, and social perception of digital games, as well as the spreading of games literacy. In collaboration … Continue reading Clash of Realities – Cologne July 2021